“Standing Up for Faith: The Supreme Court Decision on Religious Freedom”

by Ed Harpring "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” MT 5:11 On June 4th, the Supreme Court decided the much-anticipated Religious Freedom case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission in favor of Jack Phillips, a Christian baker who declined … Continue reading “Standing Up for Faith: The Supreme Court Decision on Religious Freedom”


The Unattainable Heights of Fatherhood

by Deacon Stephen Bowling I must confess writing about the concept of fatherhood fills me with a bit of dread. As a father myself, and as a son as well, I cannot help but think of the concept in terms of flaws and imperfection. The responsibility is so huge, the goal so important and the … Continue reading The Unattainable Heights of Fatherhood

“Holding Ourselves Accountable”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling As a parent who has somehow managed to see three children through Grade school and almost High School (my youngest is a junior at DeSales), I sometimes wonder how my wife Susan and I managed to raise and educate our kids to a fairly great degree of success. The future looks … Continue reading “Holding Ourselves Accountable”

EVENT – “Making Ethical Decisions at the End of Life”

On Wednesday March 7th, Saint John Paul II will continue its Lenten Series on the Hikes Point Campus with the Stations of the Cross at 11am, followed by a free light Lenten Luncheon in the cafeteria. At approximately 12:10 Mike  Ahrens will present a program on “Making Ethical Decisions at the End of Life: How … Continue reading EVENT – “Making Ethical Decisions at the End of Life”

Love Saves Lives . . . March For Life 2018

by Ed Harpring "You may not see the impact of your love, but God sees it. The love in your hearts is totally unique to you . . . and your love saves lives" Sr. Bethany Madonna‘s stirring heartfelt speech to a crowd of over 500,00 epitomized the theme of "Love Save Lives" at the … Continue reading Love Saves Lives . . . March For Life 2018

Expressions Of Affection

by Martine Bacci-Siegel February is the month of love.  It isn’t just about cards, flowers and chocolate.  Recent national studies affirm the importance of love and caring in families. Research shows that expressions of affection toward children reduce problem behaviors and enhance children's development. Love is the single most important principle of parenting.  If children … Continue reading Expressions Of Affection

“What Is Marriage Anyway?”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling As I travel around the Archdiocese training married couples in our new “Companion Couple” marriage preparation program Joined By Grace, I find myself constantly reflecting on the joys and virtues of marriage, especially as the dozens upon dozens of couples I have worked with so far share their stories with me.  … Continue reading “What Is Marriage Anyway?”