Living Life To Its Natural End . . . Who Decides?

by Ed Harpring “To end a person’s suffering seems a mercy. And does the exact time of death really matter that much?” This candid reflection by Suzanne Marshall caught my attention as I read her account of her mother’s lengthy and painful death. On the surface, it seems merciful to want to end the suffering … Continue reading Living Life To Its Natural End . . . Who Decides?


“Sitting At The Feet Of Socrates”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling At this time of the year when going back to school is on the mind of so many, I can’t help but wonder how many folks see learning as something that belongs only in the classroom. One of my fondest memories as a child was of listening to an adult whom … Continue reading “Sitting At The Feet Of Socrates”

What the Convocation of Catholic Leaders Was All About . . .

by Ed Harpring A team from the Archdiocese of Louisville had the rare privilege of attending the Convocation of Catholic Leaders – “The Joy of the Gospel In America” - for four days in Orlando over this most recent Fourth of July weekend. I am delighted to have been a part of our local team … Continue reading What the Convocation of Catholic Leaders Was All About . . .

“Building Your Financial Foundation Workshop For Newly Married Couples” – October 7th and 28th, 2017

The Family Ministries Office is proud to announce the first of its many upcoming programs designed to assist and accompany couples in the critical first few years of marriage! Did you know that many of the critical issues facing newly married couples today have their roots in financial areas?  Come and join other couples in their first 5 years … Continue reading “Building Your Financial Foundation Workshop For Newly Married Couples” – October 7th and 28th, 2017

“Our Lady Of Fatima”

by Ed Harpring The month of May draws our attention to Mother’s Day. This year we have the added focus on Mother Mary’s role as our heavenly mother with the ongoing Centennial of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima celebration taking place around the world (including the Archdiocese of Louisville) and Feast Day on … Continue reading “Our Lady Of Fatima”

“Motherhood Is . . .”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling In the liner notes of his 1975 album “Windsong”, the late John Denver wrote about how he had tried to record the sound of the wind in order to incorporate it into the album which carried its name, but for some reason, he “could never capture the sound on tape so … Continue reading “Motherhood Is . . .”

“No Easter Without Lent”

by Ed Harpring This year, with our unusually warm weather, we have been prematurely catapulted forward into spring. As much as I am enjoying the early warm weather, I almost feel like I am getting my dessert before dinner. In other words, I feel a little guilty, that I haven’t properly journeyed through the cold … Continue reading “No Easter Without Lent”

“New Baby . . . New Beginnings”

by Martine Bacci-Siegel Becoming a new parent presents many challenges for couples, but can be managed with an extra dose of patience and understanding. Kathy English with “Today’s Parent” takes a look at some hurdles facing new parents today. . . . Hurdle #1: No time for “us” About two months after becoming a first-time … Continue reading “New Baby . . . New Beginnings”