“Every Trait a Person Has Becomes Magnified in Marriage”

by Deacon Derrick and Mistianna Barnes Mistianna: When Derrick and I started dating, got engaged and finally, got married, I thought Derrick was my knight in shining armor. He daily total me how “perfect” he was and I naively believed him. I believed him simply because, he was perfect, for me and to me! He … Continue reading “Every Trait a Person Has Becomes Magnified in Marriage”


Thanksgiving, Families And Adoptive Families

by Ed Harpring November is one of my favorite times of year. Why? Fall, Thanksgiving and family. The month begins with a cool crispness in the air and the myriad of emerging fall colors delighting us with their increasing intensity. The end of the month brings Thanksgiving and the once a year Feast that calls … Continue reading Thanksgiving, Families And Adoptive Families

“Gratitude And Giving Thanks . . .”

by Martine Bacci-Siegel I wish to give thanks to you, Lord, with all of my heart; I will tell of your wonderful deeds. – Psalm 9:1 It is our human nature to dwell on the negative. This tendency is called the “negativity bias,” or the propensity to focus on problems, annoyances, and injustices in our … Continue reading “Gratitude And Giving Thanks . . .”

Gratitude Is All In The Attitude . . .

by Deacon Stephen Bowling Well, it’s November and you know what that means . . . more pumpkin spice stuff than you can shake a stick at (yuck) and enough articles about the “virtue of thankfulness” to fill the Grand Canyon. Just because we celebrate a great holiday about gratitude on the fourth Thursday of … Continue reading Gratitude Is All In The Attitude . . .