“Face The Promise”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling

Did you ever have the desire to just get in a car and drive?

Did you ever want to take a long road trip to nowhere in particular . . . with maybe just you and God, viewing and experiencing his creation?

Yeah, me too. There’s nothing better sometimes than a good road trip.

Rock legend Bob Seger sang of this desire in the title track to his 2006 album Face The Promise . . . and his words really struck a chord with me. Like all good “journey motifs” such as with Homer’s Odyssey or St. Luke’s Road to Emmaus Story, it speaks of someone embracing a new inspiration, exploring a new potentiality and embracing a renewed sense of purpose. All of this by simply having the courage to set out “on the road” and following it where it leads. That is something that appeals greatly to I think just about all of us.

In ministering to families, we are constantly looking to be better at what we do every day and now is no exception. We are looking at “facing the promise” of better serving families throughout the Archdiocese by creating new avenues of service in cooperation with Catholic Charities of Louisville in the arena of “Family Services”. As Dr. Brian Reynolds remarked to me recently, we usually do a good job of helping families in their times of difficulties or special circumstances, but should we not, first and foremost, be helping and empowering families in ordinary, everyday ways?

As always, well said . . . and indeed, we should.

I invite you to “stay tuned to this channel for further updates” as we continue to revamp, reimagine and reignite this bold new “promise” that we are happy to ride out to face. I think folks will be delighted by the new outlook they are about to see from us . . . very soon!

As fast Spring approaches now, perhaps it is a good time to just get in the care and drive somewhere . . . new horizons are always within reach. As Bob Seger himself put it . . . we’re all about now “facing the promise of the Promised Land.”


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