“Protecting Our Children”

by Martine Bacci Siegel The return to school is an exciting time for most, but for some it simply serves as a short respite from abuse at home. Listed here are some behaviors school staff should be on the lookout for as they could be an indicator of a more serious problem. Remember, the Commonwealth … Continue reading “Protecting Our Children”


“Motherhood Is . . .”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling In the liner notes of his 1975 album “Windsong”, the late John Denver wrote about how he had tried to record the sound of the wind in order to incorporate it into the album which carried its name, but for some reason, he “could never capture the sound on tape so … Continue reading “Motherhood Is . . .”

“New Baby . . . New Beginnings”

by Martine Bacci-Siegel Becoming a new parent presents many challenges for couples, but can be managed with an extra dose of patience and understanding. Kathy English with “Today’s Parent” takes a look at some hurdles facing new parents today. . . . Hurdle #1: No time for “us” About two months after becoming a first-time … Continue reading “New Baby . . . New Beginnings”

“Parental Love”

by Martine Bacci-Siegel It is a well-known fact that warm-loving parents create equally warm and loving children. Through this relationship, your children would learn things about life initially. It has been found that young people, who grow in and around secure attachment, stand a much better chance of developing happy and content relationships with others … Continue reading “Parental Love”