(Just Like) Starting Over . . .

Do you remember John Lennon’s album from the early 1980’s, Double Fantasy?
It was released just three weeks before his untimely death and ended up winning the Grammy in 1981 for Album of the Year.

As someone who was very much into music at that time, I will never forget how the songs from that album were played constantly on nearly every radio station that following year. Most especially, I recall the first track released, the ironically titled “(Just Like) Starting Over.” This was
undoubtedly meant to be reflective of Lennon’s attempt with this album to create a musical “comeback” . . . an accomplishment that he never lived to see unfortunately. That sadness at what should have been but never was . . . that is still very much what I think of whenever I hear this song.

But fortunately as Christians, we don’t live in that world, the world of regret and missed opportunities. Every day for us is intended to be a new beginning, a “do over” or an opportunity for a new start or fresh approach. This time of year, when people go “back to school” is a great reminder of this wonderful aspect of life.

Repentance is a key component to being a follower of Jesus Christ, so much so that he gave us a sacrament to keep us always renewed and on the path to righteousness.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a never-ending opportunity for us to get “back-to-basics” and start over . . . and I for one am grateful to our Lord for giving us such a great gift. Reconciliation – both the sacramental kind as well as just the general, human process that we might apply to any harmed relationship in our lives – should always be in fashion for us all.

It is always a good time to repent . . . it is always a good time to say, “Have mercy on me, Lord, a sinner”. It is always a good time for “starting over” . . . just like John Lennon sang nearly 40 years ago.



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