At the Family Ministries Office for the Archdiocese of Louisville we believe in the sacredness of marriage and the family. We seek to resource, strengthen, and celebrate families in their diversity, life stages and transitions. We promote this dignity of life from conception to natural death.

In the pursuit of our vision of promoting the  dignity within family through the love, mercy, and hope of Christ, we value the following:

  • Families in their diversity;
  • The lifelong developmental nature of the family;
  • The accompaniment of people throughout their lives;
  • The sacredness of life.

Our Staff

Deacon Stephen Bowling, Director
Martine Siegel, Director of Counseling Services and Victim Assistance Coordinator
Ed Harpring, Coordinator of Pro-Life Ministries
Michelle Herberger, Associate Director, Coordinator of Pastoral Ministries
Scott Fitzgerald, Coordinator of Safe Environment Services and Administrative Support Staff
Carolyn Kupper, Administrative Support Staff

Please visit our web page on the main Archdiocese of Louisville website at



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