Respecting Life In All Seasons . . .

by Ed Harpring As we enter into Respect Life Month, (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops set aside the month of October to call attention to the dignity of human life) the urgency is greater than ever for Catholics to become even more engaged in becoming a voice for the voiceless.  The theme for this … Continue reading Respecting Life In All Seasons . . .


Respecting The Life Of Creation . . .

by Martine Bacci-Siegel A great way to teach our children about respect for creation is through animals.  Scott Huntington is a writer for the Oxford University Press as well as a middle school Sunday school teacher.  He offers these tips when teaching through animals.  Acquaint them with animals. More specifically, get them used to being … Continue reading Respecting The Life Of Creation . . .

Respecting One’s Own Life . . .

by Michelle Herberger Several years ago, when watching a film on post abortion healing, a woman who had had an abortion spoke something that continues to influence my desire to see people healed from their experience of abortion.  She said, “I made the choice to terminate life and continued to do so by my self-destructive … Continue reading Respecting One’s Own Life . . .