“Back To Basics”

by Martine Bacci Seigel

August is a time when we head back to school and start settling into a routine.  This allows us time to get back to basics and for busy families, basics can help mute some of the chaos back to school can bring.  Kim John Payne is the author of “Getting back to Basics:  Simplicity Parenting.”  She suggests families start by getting rid of the clutter.  Clutter has a way of taking a toll on the emotional state of not only adults, but kids.  If your child’s room looks like a toy bomb just went off, take a weekend and sit with them to help clear out the clutter.  You’d be amazed at how it clears out your mind as well.

At some point during the school year either you or your child run the risk of getting sick, potentially coming down with a fever.  What have we always been taught when we have a fever?  Take a pause and rest (i.e. get plenty of sleep).  The same applies to our mental health.  When we’re just not feeling right mentally, we need to follow the same basic advice and take time to rest and recover.

Remember the days when we would come home from school, grab a snack and watch some TV before homework?  Today it seems we feel the need to entertain our kids every single minute of the day.  When laying out schedules allow some downtime to decompress.  Not only will your child appreciate it, (for those who have to work) so will your boss.  While scheduling, another suggestion would be to make room for a family dinner during the week.

There are many ways to mute the chaos in our daily lives if we just look around.  Often we find we can keep life simple when we simply get back to basics.


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