“Is It Trash Or Is It Treasure?” by Steve and Kathy Beirne

Our marriage is made up of a saver and a person who tends to want to throw everything away. Now I’m not saying who’s who or whether one habit is better than the other (until you need something and find it’s been thrown away so you have to go out and buy it again.), but it seems to me from talking to other couples that we are not unique in having this difference.  But I never realized until recently how that difference related to owning things.

Take the books in our house. I believe that books are sacred objects, filled with the collective wisdom of those who formed our civilization.  They will provide us with something to do on a rainy day, they will inspire our children and fill their heads with something besides the fluff of television, they will prop up an uneven table leg—there is hardly a need that a book cannot fulfill.
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