When Depression Descends Upon Your Marriage

By: Deacon Derrick and Mistianna Barnes Deacon Derrick: Depression is a common but difficult problem in many marriages. It is a seriously difficult topic to write about, but it is something that silently threatens marriages across the country and in every faith tradition. We don’t talk about depression in our marriages because we don’t want … Continue reading When Depression Descends Upon Your Marriage

“Assisting In the Foster Care Crisis”

by Ed Harpring “Things broken in an abusive parent-child relationship can only be restored through a compassionate, caring child-mentor relationship” stated Darren Washausen, Executive Director of Orphan Care Alliance. As one of the presenters at the Archdiocese of Louisville Foster Care Awareness Event held at Holy Family Parish on October 16, 2018, Darren continued, “the … Continue reading “Assisting In the Foster Care Crisis”

Sports And Safe Environment

August also means a return to the school sports season. According to ChildHelp.com, abuse occurs in all sports. Studies indicate 40% to 50% of athletes have experienced anything from mild harassment to severe abuse. Research suggests that sexual abuse in sports impacts between 2% to 8% of all athletes It is the responsibility of all athletic directors to ensure all coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers have completed … Continue reading Sports And Safe Environment

Abuse Reports Rise In August

Child abuse cases tend to rise in late July and early August as kids head back to school and mor e eyes are able to identify signs of possible abuse. Parish/School staff or volunteers are often the front lines when it comes to identifying abuse. Just three years ago Kentucky ranked 2nd in the nation in child abuse per 1000 kids. Would you … Continue reading Abuse Reports Rise In August

“Trust The Truth”

by Ed Harpring Recently, I had the privilege to attend the USCCB Pro-Life Directors’ Conference in Phoenix. One of the highlights was the keynote address by Bishop Olmstead of the diocese of Phoenix. You may be familiar with his highly acclaimed exhortation challenging men to reclaim their Christian masculinity and boldly live the virtue of … Continue reading “Trust The Truth”

How to Get Your Children to Tell You about Their Day at School

The recently begun school year brought with it the smell of fresh pencil shavings, the squeak of shoes on newly waxed linoleum and a new round of stonewalling to the question, “What did you do at school today?” For generations, the most common answer to this question has been “Nothing,” followed closely by “I don’t know” … Continue reading How to Get Your Children to Tell You about Their Day at School

Separating Families on the Border and the Catholic Teaching on Immigration

by Ed Harpring July calls to mind the celebration of Independence Day, ice cream, cookouts, pools, beaches, or anywhere just to cool off. Almost these activities are associated with familes and family fun in the sun.  This summer, however, the news spotlight has been focused on families who are in turmoil - suffering migrant families … Continue reading Separating Families on the Border and the Catholic Teaching on Immigration