Spice Jar Winners, December 2018

For well over two years now, hundreds of local engaged couples have been playing what is known as the “Spice Jar Game“, an interactive, input-based group sharing activity which is the centerpiece of the “Married Love” learning session at the Foundation for Marriage preparation program.
The activity is designed to have the couples come up with various ways that they can express intimacy with each other in non-sexual manners which correspond to the acronym “SPICE“, which is a concept they learn as part of their preparation: S stands for Spiritual, P for Physical, I for Intellectual, C for Creative/ Communicative and E for Emotional.
Each couple is encouraged to share with the larger group their own ideas for each category and the entire group votes for those they consider best. Over and over again, couples tell us that this is one of the best moments of the day; it encourages their own creativity and both informs and inspires them to broaden their ideas of just what it means to be “intimate” with each other as a married couple.

Since love is something always intended to be shared, we would like to give you the gift of hearing some of the winning SPICE ideas shared by some of these couples!

Such as . . .
  • As a special and unique form Spiritual intimacy, Lauren and Matthew Lega always pause and say a special prayer together whenever they hear a siren . . .
  • For a different type of Physical intimacy, Susie and Mitch Morrell find that joining a volleyball league together brings them closer . . .
  • Cory and Mary Zipp find that as a form of Intellectual intimacy they like to have a “Chopped” date night at home, where they watch “Chopped” on the Food Network and then try and recreate that meal, or parts of it, together for each other . . .
  • As a form of Creative Intimacy, Kate and Mike Platt, like to spontaneously stand up and make improvisational jokes to each other in a way to make each other laugh . . . or cringe as the case may be.
  • And finally as a means of Emotional intimacy, Sharrie and Christian Driskell always on Sunday after mass, take time to visit each of their parents homes and spending some quality time with each of them.
SPICE is a form of marital bonding that is an unmatched method for bringing and keeping couples closer and together. The Holy Spirit is very much active in married life today through the great ideas that our engaged couples share with each other at our Foundation For Marriage events . . . and we are indeed proud and privileged to share those ideas with everyone.
God bless Married Love!




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