Teaching Our Children The Sanctity Of Life . . .

by Martine Bacci Siegel

As we prepare to celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday on January 22 now might be a good time to find ways to talk with your children about the sanctity of life. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

  • For pre-school children

Using bubble solution, blow bubbles into the air while encouraging your children to clap them, pinch them or catch them in their hands. Ask how the bubbles feel against their skin. Ask what is inside the bubbles. Air? No, breath. Let them take a turn blowing the bubbles. Now share this truth: Just as we can fill a bubble with our breath, that’s how God filled man with his breath when he created us. Since it is easy for a bubble to pop or burst, it must be treated with care. In the same way, human life is fragile and must be protected because it is so valuable.

For older kids, conversation is a great starting point. Here are some excellent ideas for starters:

  • For “tween age” kids (between 8 and 12)

How do you know if something is alive?   Where does life come from? What is the difference between human and animal life?

  • For teenagers

Do not let culture be the one to shape your teens concept of “Who am I?” Make sure your teen knows that their human dignity is inherent, not earned. This may one day mean the difference between life and death. What does sacred mean? What gives your life value?

Having conversations now will pay dividends for both you and your children in the future.


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