Beginning Anew . . .

by Michelle Herberger

If you have had an abortion or love someone who has, the following message is for you . . .

Perhaps you thought you had no choice. No matter how you looked at your pregnancy, it seemed impossible to continue. After the abortion, there may have been some regret, even sadness. You remind yourself, though, that you did the only thing you could do  under the circumstances. However, time has passed and the nagging pain deepens.

Perhaps no one knows you’ve had an abortion and you feel as though you are locked into this pain forever. Please know there is help. There is hope. There is healing.

Project Rachael is a ministry to those who have experienced abortion. It is one-to-one, non-judgmental, and confidential. It helps you to fully realize that you need healing. It helps you to truly acknowledge your abortion and the fact that you did indeed experience it. It is a safe place where you can allow yourself to grieve. God’s forgiveness is yours and Project Rachael can help you to accept that loving forgiveness. Maybe you blame others for your abortion and are stuck in a pattern of blame. However, many times the most difficult person to forgive is you. You may sense God’s forgiveness, but simply cannot forgive yourself. Project Rachael can help you to forgive others and yourself in order to experience healing. It’s possible that you have grieved silently for a long time. This ministry is one where you can talk about the child you have mourned and perhaps name and memorialize him/her.

Finally, Project Rachael seeks to help restore your hope. Your life is precious in the sight of God and you can know joy again.

Let this New Year be the beginning of a new you. Your life is precious in the sight of God and you can know joy again.

Please call the Family Ministries Office to speak confidentially to someone, (502-471-2149), or Project Rachael, (502-471-2155).


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