“Parental Love”

by Martine Bacci-Siegel

It is a well-known fact that warm-loving parents create equally warm and loving children. Through this relationship, your children would learn things about life initially. It has been found that young people, who grow in and around secure attachment, stand a much better chance of developing happy and content relationships with others in their life. A child who feels insecure due to lack of attachment from parents is at an increasing risk of depression, aggression, and even emotional deregulation. So for that, here are our simple tips for you to strengthen the bond between you and your child:

Always Express Yourself. It is very important for you to tell your child how you feel about him. picture1

  • Express yourself, say I love you often.
  • Express love day in day out.
  • If you disagree on something, sit and discuss what exactly you didn’t like and why.

When you express yourself, nothing is left unsaid, leaving you both on the same page. This goes a long way in building a strong relationship.

Let Your Child Be Inquisitive:

  • Tell your child what you believe in and explain why.
  • Let him ask you questions. Answer all questions with patience.

Remember, you are building the foundation of your child’s future belief and faith. So always be ready to nurture the queries. It will help him form his own opinion and views later.

Let Your Child Help:picture2

  • When you let your child help, you are not only teaching him to be responsible, but also getting closer.
  • Ask for his opinion on what to wear while going out and be ready to opt for what they suggest.
  • When you take his suggestions seriously, he gets your respect too and feels good.

Play With Your Child:

  • Play time is the best bonding time.
  • It is a good way of getting to know each other and brings you closer.
  • It can always be a great way of teaching your child about winning and losing.
  • Get silly with your child and show him your side that he doesn’t often get to see.

Always Eat Together:picture3

  • Meal time should always be family time.
  • Let it be the place for discussion and sharing stuff.
  • You can spend some quality time at your meals.
  • The dinner table is the most common place for family talks.

The relation that your form with your child is actually the foundation upon which he will later define himself. This is going to help him develop and sustain more meaningful and close relationships in his life.

The love and care that you offer to your child determines your equation with him not just now, but for years to come.


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