The Sacred In The Ordinary

by Michelle Herberger February is the month when many celebrate LOVE.  It is full of hopes for romantic dinners and a display of gifts that seemingly prove that real love exists.  Although it can be fun to engage in the celebration, it can also be a time of disillusionment for those whose lives are not … Continue reading The Sacred In The Ordinary


Expressions Of Affection

by Martine Bacci-Siegel February is the month of love.  It isn’t just about cards, flowers and chocolate.  Recent national studies affirm the importance of love and caring in families. Research shows that expressions of affection toward children reduce problem behaviors and enhance children's development. Love is the single most important principle of parenting.  If children … Continue reading Expressions Of Affection

“What Is Marriage Anyway?”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling As I travel around the Archdiocese training married couples in our new “Companion Couple” marriage preparation program Joined By Grace, I find myself constantly reflecting on the joys and virtues of marriage, especially as the dozens upon dozens of couples I have worked with so far share their stories with me.  … Continue reading “What Is Marriage Anyway?”