“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .”

by Deacon Stephen Bowling

Have you heard yet this year that song which always seems to be everywhere during the Christmas season?

Andy Williams’ recording of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was released in October 1963 (just before John F. Kennedy’s assassination) and has been trying to bring hope and happiness to a world in need of such virtues ever since.

Maybe it’s just the sheer happiness of the song . . . maybe it’s Andy Williams’ great performances he gave many times over the years, both on his variety show and otherwise . . . or maybe it’s just nostalgia for a simpler time, but this song has always reminded me that this time of the year is very different from all others.

“Peace on Earth” is indeed something that comes through clearly upon hearing this song, and it seems that for this brief time every year we are all spiritually restored to the state in which God created our first parents in the Garden – where love reigns and peace, harmony and tranquility flow with abundance. The time of Christ’s coming here on Earth is indeed a cause for celebration . . . and no one seems to capture that happy “feeling we should all feel” quite so well as Andy Williams did those many years ago.

Music indeed is the best garnish for this season of peace. Whether it be “Silent Night” so solemnly sung after dark by our wonderful parish choirs on Christmas Eve, or that powerful “Go Tell It On The Mountain” that booms forth on Christmas morning like the transforming grace of an energized faith . . . music is very much the proper expression of this special season.

Music propels our spirits into a future which may be unknown but which nevertheless – by its divine power to inspire and motivate – can for certain be more hopeful, more bright and quite simply just more happy.

The Word has been made flesh and dwelt among us . . . so of course this has to be “the most wonderful time of the year”! So from all of us here at the Family Ministries Office, we wish for you to experience fully that “wonder” both during this special season . . . as well as every day of your lives.


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