A Time To Notice . . .

by Michelle Herberger

There seems to be a growing sense of fatigue among many people, and it’s more than physical. Many lament the loss of times when things at least appeared to be simple and people were less divided. It’s especially important when one is feeling this way, to take time to recreate, renew, and refresh.

Summer has a way of beckoning us to slow down. There are those “lazy summer days” when temperatures necessitate a slower pace. Nature seems to be exploding with growth and the invitation to be still and notice. There is an abundance of things to savor, be it the fruits of the gardens, or the beauty of the firefly. All of creation calls us to “be still and know that I am God” and in that place to allow ourselves to experience a deep gratitude that gives comfort to the weary.

Let us take time to notice.



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