“Healing the Hurt” – Divorce Care and Recovery Programs

by Michelle Herberger

This is the month that celebrates love. Everywhere we look there are signs that point to romantic relationships. However, there are times when regardless of how much you want to make the relationship last, it simply doesn’t work. This is especially difficult if this means the end of a marriage.picture5

Rarely would couples say they came to their wedding day anticipating the marriage ending in divorce. Rather, they come with hopes and dreams that theirs will not be added to the statistic of “failed” marriages.

A sense of failure is often experienced as a result of divorce. Couples ask themselves and may be asked by others, “What happened?” Hopes are dashed, feelings are hurt, and egos are wounded. That can be in part, the reality that accompanies those who come to the Church as persons who have experienced divorce.

As Church, we must be aware of the woundedness of those who have divorced and, as Church, become as Pope Frances has said, “field hospitals” whereby their wounds are bound and healed. There are many opportunities to offer comfort and facilitate healing.

  • We must be intentional in our inviting and welcoming those who’ve experienced divorce
  • We must accompany in a non-judgmental way, those who’ve been divorced as they examine their marriage
  • We must provide sources of support and care for the divorced as well as for their children

The following is a list of various parishes offering divorce support to anyone in the archdiocese. We encourage folks dealing with the pain of divorce to reach out to them for more information, or feel free to email Family Ministries Office at family@archlou.org.

“Journey of Hope” Divorce Recovery Program picture6
Basilica of St Joseph Proto-Cathedral
310 W Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004
Contact Henry Greenwell at henryg@newcomboil.com


“Olive Branch” Divorce Care Ministrypicture7
Holy Trinity Parish,
423 Cherrywood Rd, St Matthews, KY 40207
Contact Mary Jean Gandalfo at mgandolfo@htparish.org


picture8“Divorce Care” and “Divorce Care for Kids”
St. Margaret Mary
7813 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY, 40222
Contact Denise Ruiz at druiz@stmm.org

picture9Our Lady of Lourdes
508 Breckenridge Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207
Contact Joni Richter at jonir@ourlourdes.org


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