“The Hardest Thing About Not Having Sex Before Marriage Wasn’t What I Expected”

hardest thing-page-001Thanks as always to the ever wise brother-deacon Greg Kandra on putting us on to an enlightening, frank and ultimately beautiful testimony which I think is actually far more common that most folks believe – waiting until after marriage to have sex.

While society tends to be “puzzled” by such behavior (and I’m being very kind in using that word) more and more couples are actually far more “reserved” with taking the full plunge into sexual intimacy before marriage.

I can say as one who works in marriage preparation as the significant part of my diaconal calling, of those engaged couples who ARE sexually active, they are generally waiting until they are with that “one, true love of their lives” working towards that already-scheduled “full commitment” rather than having it as a standard “hold-over” part of the “dating scene”.

I for one am full of hope and joy for the next generation of married couples . . . deep down inside of us, we do instinctively understand in some small way the beauty and joy of God’s plan for us in marriage . . .

Read the full story HERE.


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