“When Something Is Important You MAKE the TIME” by Deacon Stephen Bowling

Okay, I will make a confession here . . . I am a HUGE Star Trek fan.

I have been one since I was so small I can hardly remember, and growing up in the Seventies, Sunday mornings always had two huge events for us every week: 10 a.m. mass at St. Catherine’s in New Haven with either Father Paul Russell or Father Jack Caldwell, followed immediately by Captain James T. Kirk as soon as we got home. Both had influences on me, and I can truly say that integrating them has actually been a far easier process than you might imagine.SOMETHING IMPORTANT

I recently confessed of my love for Star Trek to my parishioners at St. Gabriel and let them in on one of the secret ingredients for many of my homilies . . . a dash of Star Trek whenever appropriate, which not surprisingly happens fairly frequently.

If you hear me quote someone with the lead-in of “a wise man once said” it is probably Spock more often than not. It’s actually turned into a bit of a running gag now as many parishioners are far more Star Trek savvy than I gave them credit for . . . they usually spot my references now without me having to use any of my code-phrases at all.

And so it is that this practice of mine prompts me once again to steal another Star Trek quote for this blog posting, this time from the great James T. Kirk himself:

“When something is IMPORTANT, you MAKE the TIME for it.”

As usual, the great captain of the Enterprise hits it right on the head . . . and the subject he was talking about when he spoke those words is perhaps the most obvious one for us to hear about now in light of the Pope’s recent exhortation Amoris Laetitia . . . the subject of “family”.

Family is something so easily taken for granted; something so constant and necessary for all of us, just like water or air. No matter its shape, composition or condition, family in some manner is an essential need for all human beings . . . a “basic human right” just as important as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And this precious gift of family requires time as its essential nutrient.

Children want their parents to be with them . . . wives and husbands crave time together, both with their children and otherwise. We want undivided attention and conversation with those we love. We want games played and experiences shared. We desire meals together and recreation that is inclusive of all, both of the family we are born or married into as well as those we choose for ourselves: our friends and our communities, most especially our parish communities where we come together to better integrate God into our lives.

Summertime is indeed a great time for family sharing . . . for making experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it be going to the beach or the lake, a theme park or museum, or even just staying home and watching TV together (Star Trek anyone?) . . . nothing cements families together better or more permanently than simple time spent with one another.

Spend some quality time with those you love as often as you can . . . it is indeed worth making the time for. . .


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