God Hears Us: A Spiritual Adoption Miracle

From Amy Brooks at “PrayerWineChocolate” . . .

My nerves were on edge as I pulled into the parking lot near the Planned Parenthood clinic. As I got myself and my three-year-old son out of the car, I made sure to grab some rosaries. I had been told to have them in my hand so the PP escort wouldn’t think I was there for an appointment . . . which would have been slightly awkward, to say the least.

I felt like I was walking onto a spiritual battlefield. God loves us talking to Him. Prayers Matter and they do make a difference.Let me start from the beginning.  This is a true story about answered prayer.  And when I talk about prayer, I mean both the formal kind and the informal kind.  Both kinds were answered for me this year in such an incredible way!  I feel the need to tell the whole world (or anyone who will listen)!

Last year I started saying some prayers for women considering abortion.  As I laid down to to sleep at night, I asked God to give these women hope and a support network.  I asked God to help them not be afraid and to desire life for their unborn children.

Then one day I was walking up stairs with a load of laundry and a thought occurred to me.  “I know I don’t love these women as much as God loves them . . . how can my prayers help them?”

A short time later I found the Spiritual Adoption Prayer.  I printed it out.  My husband and I agreed to adopt a baby girl, and give her the name we have longed to give a daughter for years now.  It’s not a popular name, and we hesitated to share it.  This blog post will be the first time we allow our favorite name for a baby girl to go public.We named her Jaina Therese.The first day we prayed for Jaina was May 7, 2015 . . .

Read the rest HERE . . .



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